Brappz our story


 Brappz co-founders Barbara and Selene are enterprising creatives with a passion for fashion that just made getting dressed a whole lot more fun! The idea started in a fitting room. You know … that moment when your bra straps stare back at you in the mirror?  While most of us would resign ourselves to days of trying to make sure our bra straps are hidden, Barbara & Selene decided to solve this problem by converting the bra strap into a fashion accessory. 

A fun strap and hook that doesn’t look, feel or adjust like a conventional bra strap – shaking up not only the way we wear bras, but the way we accessorize. Brappz features vibrant silky soft straps and an original two-way detachable hook. It covers it all: uniqueness, ingenuity, design and functionality. Since its launch, Brappz has evolved into a multi-use, totally customizable & gender neutral fashion accessory.

Brappz is one of those ideas you hear about and think: “Why didn’t I think of  that?”  Well, now all you have to worry about is coming up with how you want to wear Brappz today!