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 What Strappz sizes are available?

Our Strappz come in 2 sizes: Regular (360mm/ 14 in) and Long (520mm/20in).

Our Eyewear Strappz come in 1 Size (540mm/ 21in)

The silicone material’s elasticity and 4 adjustment holes on each end give added flexibility to fit correctly.

How do you attach the Hookz to a bra?

You simply slide the horizontal part of the hook onto the eyelet. If your bra doesn’t have an eyelet you can create your own by following instructions on our videos under the TIPS menu.


I don’t know which products I need to complete a set?

Follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Regular Strappz

Bracelet-Choker-Hair Tie = 1 Strappz 1 Hookz

Bra Strap = 2 Strappz 4 Hookz

No tie Laces = 4 Strappz 2 Hookz

Necklace & Layered Bracelet = 4 Strappz 4 Hookz

Guidelines for Long Strappz

Bracelet-Choker-Head Band-Anklet = 1 Strappz 1 Hookz

Criss-Cross Bra Straps = 2 Strappz 4 Hookz

Bikini-Halter Strap = 1 Strappz 2 Hookz

No tie Laces = 2 Strappz 2 Hookz

How do I know the Strappz will fit?

There are 4 adjustment holes on each end of the Strappz so you can adapt to your size. The silicone material’s elasticity and 4 adjustment holes on each end give added flexibility to fit correctly.

The chart below should help you take a decision


Strap Length

Fits strap length between bra eyelets*


36 cm/ 14 in

29 cm - 38 cm / 11 in - 15 in


52 cm / 20 in

47 cm - 54 cm / 18 in - 21 in





Please note that the bra eyelet position varies among different bra styles



After adjusting, just tuck in the extra material. It is so soft you won't feel it.



In order for you to discover Brappz we have put together a Trial Set at a preferential price of 24.90 (instead of 34.90). You can then just add more colors in the different sizes as you grow your collection.

How many Strappz fit on 1 Hook?

You can fit as many as 3 Strappz on one hook - up to you! 2 Strappz is ideal if you feel you need extra support or if you use Brappz as fan accessories to show your true school colors.

How do I slide the Strappz on the Hook?

Make sure to position one of the holes of the strappz at either pointy end of the hook, push the strappz onto the hook and slide it through. For more info go under Tips on our website. 

I don’t have a convertible or strapless bra?

We have several videos on our site under TIPS, where you can follow instructions on how to convert your bra into a strapless bra or how you can create a strapless bra from your favorite basic bra.

The best material to add eyelets to any of your garments, is by using the same straps from an old bra, cut out a piece and sow it as a loop on your garment.

I am size C and over, will your Strappz hold?

If you are concerned whether your Brappz will hold we recommend using 2 Strappz on each hook for additional security. The straps were tested to hold up to 7 kilos (14 lbs) therefore one strap should suffice in most cases.

How can I make sure Brappz do not hook off the bra eyelet?

Brappz has an additional feature which allows you to keep the hook in place if the eyelet of your bra is too large. You simply insert the 1st or 2nd holes of the strappz on the bottom part of the hook once you already passed it through the eyelet. This way the hook will stay in place.

How do you use your snap-on charms, aka Snappz?

As the word righlty says, you need to snap-on the charm on the strap by pulling the strap material to expand the silicone. Once you release the strap, the silicone will contract to its original form, making sure the Snappz stays put. This is especially important, as unlike charms, you want to make sure Snappz don’t slide up or down the strap freely. In addition, this easy system to put the Snappz on and off makes Snappz the perfect charm to exchange and collect among friends or at events.

Why do you offer Snappz with one and two slots in the back?

This will depend on your taste and need. A single slot charm is purely decorative and more minimalistic. These Snappz go very well to embellish bracelets, chokers, laces and eyewear Strappz.

The 2 slot Snappz help you keep straps together and are larger and more visible. This is especially useful when you have a single strap bracelet with a double or tripple loop, or if you wear 2 bra straps and want to keep them apart by a small distance.

Snappz with 2 slots also exist in maximalist XL size, which are great as bag charms and for tie necklaces.  

How do I take care of my brappz?

Wash all brappz products by hand with water only.  

What are Brappz products made of?

Strappz – Food grade high quality Silicone

Hookz & Snappz - Stainless steel and/or Zamac (an alloy used in lingerie industry).

Where do you deliver?

We deliver Brappz worldwide, however redirect US/ Canada orders to our U.S. portal for quicker delivery. Should there be restrictions in your country, we will send you an email letting you know. We do not deliver to PO Boxes.

How long is the delivery time?

We send our products with priority mail. Expected delivery time in Switzerland  is 1-2 business days, to Europe 3-6 business days and other countries between 7-14 business days if the order is placed through the Swiss portal.

How much is shipping?

Because we know you will love them... Shipping is on us in Europe and United States. For all other countries rates appear at checkout.

Do I have to pay extra duties, customs and taxes?

Orders to countries outside Switzerland may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country. These additional charges must be rendered by you in order for your package to clear customs. Since customs policies vary widely from country to country, it is recommended that you investigate the relevant local laws in your country.

How can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel an order, you can do this by sending an email to by end of same business day, that is 5pm CET. Please state the order number found in your order confirmation and what items you wish to cancel. If the order has already been sent to you, you can still request a refund within 7 days after the delivery. Note that in such cases, return shipping costs will not be refunded. Naturally, the returned items must be in perfect condition for the refund to be approved. Read item 10 in our Terms and Conditions for complete information about return procedure.

I've lost my password, how can I get it back?

Click on forgot my password when signing in and an Email with instructions will be sent to you.

How can I contact you?

Our customer service team will assist you with order inquiries, delivery questions, returns and exchanges.








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