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Brappz co-founders Barbara and Selene are enterprising creatives with a passion for fashion that have made getting dressed a whole lot more fun! The idea started in a fitting room battling with the bra-strap dilemma:  to conceal or reveal?   They decided to reveal but with style!  By swapping the traditional unsightly bra strap for a sassy silicon strap and fun, detachable hook, they created a clever fashion accessory that doesn’t look, feel or adjust like a conventional bra strap.     

Since then, the versatile Brappz straps have also evolved into totally customizable and gender-neutral athleisure jewelry. These simple, adjustable straps and hooks offer endless possibilities:  from bracelets, chokers, hair-ties and bag accessories to shoelaces and more.  And to turn up the charm another notch, Barbara and Selene developed Snappz — playful snap-on embellishments — so you can personalize your Brappz or badge your favorite cause.  The freshness of this new concept is being embraced by the licensing world and has spawned some exciting collaborations between Brappz and licensing giants such as

 UEFA Logo  Smiley World Logo Looking ahead, Brappz has its sights set on becoming a key licensing player in the accessories world.  Just like the Brappz products themselves, the partnering possibilities are as limitless as the imagination, making it easy to SMILE and get hooked on Brappz! 



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