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Limits? There are no limits to your imagination...

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The limit is your imagination! That was our key mantra when we developed Brappz. Now meet York, a native from Nyon, who showed us his creations last week at Boutique Catambo and WOW, we are so impressed ūüėĪ ¬†He went far beyond by making his own jewelry creations with Brappz‚Ķthe photos speak for themselves.¬†



York discovered Brappz at Catambo Boutique in Nyon while searching for a gift (more info on Catambo below). Like us, he also loves colors and was immediately drawn to the colorful straps in the store. Intrigued by the design he decided to buy a few. While fiddling with the hooks, straps and charms his passion for creativity incited him to make his own creations of jewelry while using Brappz components along with other Swiss and African components he found in the boutique.




Some of his creations are really intricate, he found a way to weave the straps into the holes, and come up with this perfect design. Others are longer necklaces with pendants and charms attached at the end, he even made rings BRAVO!!! It is really amazing what one creates with a few straps, hooks and charms!




About York: York is a 66-year-old professional English-French-German translator, who has a passion for¬†the tropical colors¬†of Seychelles, his second home country.¬†His¬†favorite sport is¬†¬ęisland-hopping¬Ľ by swimming¬†through¬†the turquoise blue waters¬†from one granite or coral¬†isle¬†to the other. He maintains that brappz, snappz and the other original accessories with their dazzling colors and unique features are perfect elements to create souvenir jewelry for family members and friends alike.




About Catambo: Catherine is a wonderful person who opened her first gift Boutique Catambo in Prangins in 1999 and in 2005 moved the store to Nyon at rue Perdtemps 3. Her friendly team handpicks unique and colorful products from 30 different countries ensuring to support ‚Äúlocal‚ÄĚ and creative entrepreneurs. She is also involved in her ConnectSwiss foundation, which supports children‚Äôs education in rural Western Kenya, areas that are underserved by large organizations.



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