Brappz & Duke PiPhi Sorority

PiPhi Sorority and Brappz

The start of a new semester means two things to a sorority girl: recruitment and big little week. In US colleges, we certainly take a lot of pride in our sororities but it could definitely be difficult to find new ways to stand out and represent our sorority's colors. The solution: Brappz. Last year, my whole sorority used Brappz as accessories during the recruitment process of new members.  
PiPhi Sorority and Brappz
They were such a hit as well as a great conversation starter with potential new members as well as an unique representation of our colors. Wearing them as bra straps, chokers, and even shoelaces hi-lighted our sorority's chic yet laid back vibe. Brappz were also the perfect welcoming gift for our our newest members during Big/ Little week-- a mentorship program where current sorority members give the new members sorority related gifts to springboard them into the new organization. 
PiPhi Sorority Brappz
They were so excited to represent our colorswith these awesome versatile accessories. Brappz are certainly our secret recruitment weapon and I can’t wait to incorporate them into this year's sorority activities again!