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National Underwear Day? It really is a thing

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As I was going through my social media calendar to plan postings, August 5th was marked as Underwear Day. Seriously? I wondered 'is that really a thing?' As I googled I found a few stories and facts which inspired me to share some links and tell you a recent Brappz story. 

As many of you may know, Brappz was born after the long quest to find a solution to the well-known but barely discussed bra-strap dilemma:  to conceal or to reveal?  We decided to go for the reveal option by swapping the unsightly bra strap for chic and fun silicone straps with a fashionable two way detachable hook.

A few months ago we received a message from a woman in Malaysia who wrote that she had been looking for a bra strap solution as she lives in a tropical climate. It is way too hot there to wear a strapless bra ... and she badly needed spaghetti bra straps to go under her tank tops.

Brappz are spaghetti straps made of silicone, thus they’re sweat proof and will always look proper. Additionally, they can either blend in with your outfit or you can decide to add a fun pop of color to a monochrome look.

So... Brappz is not only about whether to reveal or conceal, but above all it is about comfort and confidence. Many Brappz users tell us that they love the comfort of Brappz and how they smoothly follow their body with every movement, to the point they forget they even have them on. Let’s be real, feeling a constant discomfort and pull on your shoulders from traditional bra straps is unnecessary. Why should we stick to the status quo? Why until now have we had to deal with the same old un-innovated bra strap?


We know that switching bra straps is not an easy decision and it is simple to stick to the familiar, therefore we have put together a Trial Pack. Once you wear them, you will find it very difficult to go back! And if you’re not satisfied, we’d love to have a conversation and find out what we could do better. 

To celebrate National Underwear Day we have set up a 25% discount on all our bra strap sets by using code UnderwearDay at checkout until Aug 15, 2018 (Offer excludes trial set and items already on sale).

We truly hope you get hooked on Brappz and that we can make getting dressed in the morning more fun for you. For more inspiration check-out our Insta profile




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