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Brappz exist as a solution to replace pesky bra straps

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When it comes to the world that surrounds me, I love aesthetics. Of course different people have different ideas of what is aesthetic and what is not. However, today I felt the need to share my opinion, which I know will not be shared by everyone, but it is the backbone of Brappz.

I was in Monaco last week-end and it was still really nice and warm. I did take some nice strolls around town observing people. It is such a showcase! I can write stories about so many things I saw, including couples taking dance lessons by the beach, guys racing their cars feeling Grand Prix stars, but for the blog, of course, one item that caught my attention were those despising bra straps peeking out just about everywhere...and did I see many this week-end!  I cannot resist taking pictures now and then to immortalize those moments and so often I am tempted to throw a little Brappz brochure into people’s bags or even just offer them a sample. The truth is I don’t really appreciate looking at them. I mean really. It can ruin a look, so sophisticated and yet so uncaring.

This always brings me back to the same old question: how can I let the world know that Not only can BBrappz exists as a solution? rappz blend in with the outfit, but they are so comfy and when it is really warm, they don’t become dark and sweaty. Have you tried Brappz as shoulder accessories (aka bra straps)? Give it a try, you will be positively surprised. I am sure that once you try Brappz you won’t go back!


I’d love to read your thoughts about bra straps ? Do you have any ideas on how we can spread the love of Brappz?





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