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Time to Glow with Brappz

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Hi everyone!


Ah stress – it’s exam time. That sadly hasn’t stopped me from going out a lot in these past few days, which I only partially regret, because I’ve been having so much fun! University is honestly so amazing. 


All these club nights are perfect for me to show off my glow in the dark Brappz! They truly are my favourite accessories because they are so unique, and you actually stand out. Additionally, people are so curious as to how bits of your outfit are glowing, which is an awesome conversation starter. (Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about losing your friends in the crowd – you will see them glow from the other end of the club!)


I love to braid the yellow, orange and pink Brappz into a bracelet. Another great thing about the glow in the dark Brappz is that they look just as good in the dark as they do in the daylight, which means you don’t even need to change your Brappz to transition from day time to night time look! 


Until next time, 


Mia xo



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