It's Festive Season with Brappz!

Hi everyone! 

Christmas is coming up! Which means lots of food and family time  (yay!) but it also means buying lots of gifts. I don’t know about you, but I am SO BAD with gifts. I never know what to get people and it ends up stressing me out, which sort of takes the fun out of the festive season, which after all, is meant to be a time to relax. But this year, why not treat people (and yourself) to a set of Brappz? 


Wearing an open-back sequin dress is always a winner, but it’s quite common. To stand out, I decided to criss-cross normal and extra-large Brappz, adding a few Snappz here and there. I adore this look – and no need to make it symmetrical! The random layering of colours allows you to create a pattern you like – and you are guaranteed to draw people’s attention. And how festive is this look? All that is missing is a nice glass of champagne and some good company. 


Until next time, 


Mia xo