Pimping up my Vans with Brappz

Hello again!
When I moved to Bristol, I rapidly discovered that my habit of wearing heeled boots every day was going to be a difficult one to uphold considering how hilly the city is. After embarrassingly getting caught in cobble stones and repeatedly tripping over myself, my flat mates decided enough was enough, and it was time for me to get a pair of Vans. 


My first instinct was to get rid of the boring black laces and to add angelic white Brappz. The gold hooks and Snappz add a classy and feminine touch, and I am now obsessed with these shoes. I keep getting compliments on how cute and fashionable they look, and I’ve never felt more comfortable. Additionally, the Brappz make it so easy for me to slip my shoes on and off, and I don’t have to worry about having to tie my laces, which is such a relief for people like me who always seem to be in a rush.


Until next time,


Mia xx