Brappz tour begins!

 Hi everyone,

I am super excited to announce that Tati and I have just left for a three week trip around Europe promoting the most versatile accessory Brappz in many major cities. We have just arrived at our first destination, which is the beautiful city of Cannes after a very long, crammed and sweaty six-hour train ride. (Lucky that we even made it considering the number of train strikes that are happening in France right now…) The Airbnb that we booked happens to be the most adorable little studio, which is almost as small as my university room, but we are so happy to be here and to rest.


Tomorrow is our first day of work, which will involve taking a boat from Cannes to St Tropez and introducing our product to a few shops. It is absolutely stunning here so get ready to be flooded with photos of the coast and to be extremely jealous. We really hope it all goes well! Please keep reading these blog entries and go follow Brappz on Facebook and Instagram (@brappz) to keep up to date on our Brappz adventure!
See you tomorrow,